How we do it?

CRBS created the Project Guidebook and Project Organizer system to help de-mystify and organize the sometimes overwhelming design and construction process. Clients who are new to the design and construction processes will appreciate the project overview and explanations of each stage of project development found in the Project Guidebook. Clients who are already familiar with the process will find the Project Organizer to be a terrific tool for keeping track of project information and needs.

Using the Project Guidebook and Organizer is simple — each of the eight sections listed in the Project Guidebook has a corresponding tabbed divider in the Project Organizer. The Project Guidebook explains what the purpose of each secition is, how the section works and what information should be kept in that section of the Project Organizer. The system provides the design and construction processes with an organizational backbone that promotes understanding and cooperation throughout the project.

pdf of our project guide book